A Few Fashion Tips During Rainy Season

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However, there are certain articles of clothing that should never see the light of day during the rainy season lest you want them damaged, or you want to look inappropriately dressed. These are the types of clothing that are made with flimsy material and may easily get rent and soiled under the torrential rain. When it comes to the monsoon season, there are certain clothing items you should probably stock at the back of your closet save for the next dry and sunny day. Scroll down below to see the things you should consider during an inclement rainy weather.

1. The type of shoes you are wearing

Regardless of whether you are commuting to work or are taking your own private car, at some point, you are going to have to walk under the rain. With this in mind, it is imperative that you consider what kind of shoes you are wearing. It can be rather frustrating to have the soles of your feet muddied up during your brief walk en route to your car or in the office. It is even more aggravating if the water has seeped into your shoes and has soaked your feet. Try a good pair of brightly colored rubber boots to add a bit of color to your outfit and keep the soles of your feet safe and dry.

2. A pair of heels is out of place

The rainy season might not be the best time to break out your new wholesale Steve Madden heels. Sure, they may look stunningly fashionable and gives you some height, but wearing heels under a torrential rain makes you prone to slipping on roads and pavements. Save the heels for a night out in the club and wear more practical and comfortable footwear that ensures you can get to your destination safely.

3. Do not wear anything suede

Suede can easily get damaged by the rain as the material is not designed to repel water. During the rainy season, avoid carrying any bags and wearing shoes made with this material. In the same vein, leather likewise gets ruined by the rain, and since leather is pretty expensive, it can be a bit heartbreaking when they suffer water damage. Stick with plastic made materials as they repel water best.

4. Avoid wearing anything white

White may look sophisticatedly chic and is supremely easy to dress up. However, there is no other color more out of place in the rain than stark white—especially when you are wearing them as tight skinny jeans. Anything in white might be one of the year’s biggest trends, but wearing it on a rainy day is not only a bold statement but a precarious one. Apart from being see-through when wet, more often than not damage and stay can occur just by wearing them

5. Wear light makeup

Regardless if where you may be going, it is better to apply your makeup once you no longer have to make a walk under the rain or once you are out of the rain. Torrential rains can be nasty and can easily ruin any makeup—it does not bode well for anyone to is sporting a runny eyeliner and mascara as well as fuzzy hair. Try to opt for waterproof products instead and avoid looking like a melted counterpart of yourself. Avoid wearing heavy makeup and choose makeup made from lightweight products.

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