Few 2017 Fall Style Tips for Every Girl

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It’s that time year to once again assess our wardrobes and see what we have — and don’t have — for the upcoming season. It’s a great time to take a few hours and try on all your fall dresses, sweaters, blouses and pants, make sure that there are no holes, stains, etc., and see if they need any alterations. You know, in all your extra time (wink wink).

After that, many of us will want to add a few items to update our wardrobes. Most can’t afford a complete closet overhaul each year, which is why StyleBlueprint tends to concentrate on bang-for-your-buck items. What items can be added to your closet to modernize an outfit and breathe new life into older pieces? We’ve got just such options today.

Split-seam hem jeans or pants

With the emphasis on hems in the past few years (think frayed and fringe), it’s no wonder that the split-seam hem trend is rising to the top as one to embrace. Yes, you’ve seen this style in the past, but it’s really strong this year. And, just like a pointy shoe or a “v” at your waist, the split-seam hem is flattering. It also shows off your shoes nicely.


We went into depth about mules this past spring as there was no denying this was THE SHOE to have. Things have not changed in the past few months, and as expected, the mule continues to rule as the shoe-du-jour. Wear with jeans, pant suits (yes, they are back) and dresses. But, wear them.

Embroidery and embellishment

As mentioned in the caption above, embroidery and embellishment are big trends again this year. A couple of years ago, everything was plain jane and very simple. No embellishments of any kind. And, while that is still a look, each year more embellishment is added to the playing field of fashion. This year, the embroidery options, in particular, are stunning. Whether on a velvet background, denim or leather, embroidery, and embellishments are making quite a statement.


Pantsuits have been threatening to come back for a couple of years, but they really are back now. They really never went anywhere, as if you need to wear a suit, you wear a suit, on trend or not. Nothing says, “I’m a contender” better than a pantsuit. Perhaps the political climate of the past year has added to this fashion statement as well … fashion and politics sometimes go more in hand than first glance suggests.

The color is red (or some variation of red)

Bold sleeves and bold earrings

This is not brand new, but it’s still kinda new and definitely still on trend. Bold sleeves and big earrings. Something about the two go hand in hand. They don’t necessarily need to be paired together, but hey, if you can, go for it. Find a sweater with ruffled sleeves or a bell sleeve and the chill of winter will not take down your style.

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