What is The Capsule Wardrobe, What It is Not & Why

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Simply put a capsule wardrobe is a minimal wardrobe made up of versatile pieces. The term capsule wardrobe was coined by London boutique own Susie Faux back in the 1970s to refer to a collection of essential pieces which would not go out of fashion and therefore could be worn for years to come. The idea and definition of capsule wardrobes has grown and gained popularity since then but the core principle of timeless pieces remains. A capsule wardrobe is a small wardrobe made up of timeless, versatile, interchangeable pieces which you love to wear.

What It’s Not

  • A capsule wardrobe isn’t about throwing away all your clothes
  • It isn’t about buying a whole new wardrobe each season
  • Capsule wardrobes aren’t about following strict rules
  • It’s not about restricting your choices and wardrobe
  • A capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean wearing the same thing every day
  • It isn’t about bland clothes and showing no personality
  • Capsule wardrobes don’t have to be minimalist and monochrome

Who Are Capsule Wardrobes For?

Capsule wardrobes are for anyone:

  • feeling overwhelmed by a number of clothes in their wardrobe
  • looking to have less clutter in their life
  • wanting a more minimal wardrobe
  • wanting to save money
  • looking to simplify their life
  • wanting to save time in the morning
  • focus more on what really matters and less on clothes and shopping
  • wanting a more sustainable wardrobe
  • wanting to create a timeless wardrobe
  • no longer interested in fashion trends and wanting something different

Why Create A Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve had a capsule wardrobe of some sort for over 18months and I have looked back. For me creating a capsule wardrobe was about ending my unhealthy relationship with shopping. I had a crazy number of clothes in my wardrobe, many of which I never wore and I was spending far too much on fashion. Something had to change. I created my capsule wardrobe to simplify my wardrobe, and it ended up simplifying my life. Capsule wardrobes mean less stress in the morning and make getting dressed quick and easy. With no more ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments my time was freed up to focus on what really matters. Not only did it simplify my life it has saved me money and enabled me to regain control of my shopping habits.

Capsule Wardrobes represent freedom:

  • Freedom from your overwhelming wardrobe
  • Freedom from shopping and pressure to spend
  • Freedom from fast fashion
  • Freedom from the guilt of owning too many clothes
  • Freedom from comparison
  • Freedom from perfectionism
  • Freedom that comes from knowing you already have enough

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