The Top 3 Sewing Machines for Embroidery

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Bernina 1008

Textile artist Carol Naylor says that the Bernina 1008 is the best embroidery sewing machine available. Carol Naylor used the Bernina 1008 sewing machine to create Sea Divided Carol Naylor creates intricate landscapes using machine embroidery; she makes one off textiles by stitching directly onto canvas using a variety of rayon, cotton, woollen and metallic threads. Her stitched textiles range from small intimate pieces to large scale hangings. Read our interview with Carol and take a look at some of her work. Here she tells us why she owns not 1, but 2 Bernina 1008 sewing machines and why she considers it to be the best choice for machine embroidery.

Heavy Bernina

The best and most reliable sewing machine for embroidery is a simple heavy Bernina according to designer Karen Nicol. Karen Nicol used a simple heavy Bernina sewing machine to achieve the effect in her top pieces of embroidery. Karen Nicol is a world-renowned textile designer, embroiderer and mixed media artist. She enjoys a massively diverse career, working in fashion and interiors with a London-based design studio. Read our interview with Karen here.

Bernina Industrial 950

Textile artist and tutor says that the Bernina Industrial 950 is best sewing machine ever made. Textile artist and tutor says that the Bernina Industrial 950 is best sewing machine ever made. Nigel Cheney has produced unusual and unique textile art for a wide array of mediums including fashion, interiors, commissions and gallery work. Nigel seeks to bring together historical techniques such as blackwork, voiding, appliqué, and hand stitches with modern digital media, transfer prints and hand painted cloth.

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